29 May 2012

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1. Introduction & Notice

2. General Information of Japan

3. General Information of 2012 FIFA Club World Cup ★NEW

4. Stadium Access Plan

5. Drink, Eat & Accommodations

6. Great way to pass the time in Japan

7. Original Communication Tools in Japanese for CFC fans

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02 June 2012

Introduction & Notice

Congratulations for Chelsea FC's victory of 2011-12  UEFA Champions League !
I was deeply moved. When Drogba scored on PK with his final memorable shoot for Blues, I feel like listening never-ending chant from London to Japan. Then, as a one of Japanese Chelsea fans and fancier of traveling in Europe, I want to dedicate myself to offering some useful information about visiting Japan to Chelsea supporters and/or fanatical football fans.

Regrettably, my English skills may be poor. Please correspond with me if you find my big mistake.
I rely just on my passion for sharing amazing experience in CFC history on this coming December Japan.

Thank you for visiting this site.
If you have a question, please tell me and I am ready to help you as far as possible.
Mail : chelsea(at)blue.nifty.jp    * (at)=@

I assume no responsibility whatsoever for any damages resulting from the use of information of this site.

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General Information of Japan (Updated 15/Sep/2012)

<General traveling information of Japan>



It is fulfilling website for travelers.

●Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)
It is useful resource for traveling in Japan. JNTO organizes more than 250 offices of "Visit Japan Information Network" (Tourist Information Network) throughout the country to assist foreign travelers in obtaining the information they need.

The website has various contents, for example :
"Enjoying both the traditional and contemporary sights of Tokyo"
"One day trip in Yokohama"

(Thanks for information by H.Yamamoto)

● Tourist Information Center (TIC) TOKYO
The center is facing Nihonbashi Entrance Square of Tokyo Station.
You can get various services for traveling.

●"GRANSTA" (Tokyo Station City)
http://gransta.jp/ (Website is Japanese only)
The underground shopping complex of Tokyo Station, you can use several services.
*The cloak room, 500 yen per one luggage. (link here)
*The concierge (English speaker is waiting)  (link here)
*The bureau de change (link here)
All services opening hours : 9:00 - 20:00

(Thanks for information by H.Yamamoto)

< Radioactive contamination >
First and foremost, there is no need to worry in Tokyo and Sendai.
However, Fukushima prefecture partially has some restricted areas.

You might be anxious about radioactive contamination because If you go to Sendai from Tokyo by bus or train, you must go through in Fukushima area. But it is not problem, basically.
This is just my personal opinion. If you have accompanying person who is a pregnant female or/and an infant, please strongly note that you need to pay attension to keep him/her/them away from radioactive pollution.. 
I strongly recommend you had better to make an effort to get information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and so on in your country. 

Personally, however, I do not trust Japanese government so much, then it is difficult to obtain accurate information. I'm sorry I can not tell you exact information about this radioactive problem.

At all events, I hope a lot of tourists will visit Tohoku area and cheer the local residents.

< Climate of Japan>
According to the climate database in December, The average temperature in London is colder than Tokyo. However, from my experience, I feel that winter in Japan is colder than London.
Measures against cold weather are  absolutely (Of course there are individual differences) needed.

If you come to Japan from Southeast Asia, special measures against cold weather are absolutely required.

< Commodity prices >
It is well known that the prices of things in Japan are expensive.
Nowadays, British 1 pound equals about 125 yen.
It is equal to a softdrink (350ml) in Japan (120 yen including consumption tax).
So-called "Business Hotel( budget hotel )", about 80 - 100 pound per night.
(And I try to inform several cheap ways.)

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General Information of 2012 FIFA Club World Cup (Updated 12/Dec/2012)

★Monterrey vs Chelsea match tickets information

As of 10th, Dec, PM18:00, selling situation of Match 6.
"OK" is available tickets. "NO" is "Sold out".
Category 1 main  OK  JPY \18,000
Category 1 back  OK  JPY \18,000
Category 2 main OK JPY \14,000
Category 2 back OK JPY \ 14,000
Category 3 main (north: Monterrey side) OK JPY \9,000
Category 3 main (south: Chelsea side )  No
Category 3 back (north) OK JPY \9,000
Category 3 back (south: Chelsea side) OK JPY \9,000
Category 4 (north) OK JPY \7,000
Category 4 (South)  No

I called the ticket information center of CWC, I knew two possibilities to buy tickets.

(1) To buy  "a day-of-performance ticket" (today's ticket).

If the match tickets are not sold out, unsold stock will be sell in the Yokohama International stadium box office, on the match day.

Starting sales time is 16:00.  So you will get in a line to ticket office.

That's just my personal opinion, the M6 match tickets will not be sold out because this match will hold on weekdays, and not popular for average citizen.

(2) Buying at a "convenience store".

This procedure may be difficult to buy the tickets for foreign traveler, but I will tell you just to be safe.

In Japan, you can find a lot of "Convenience store" all over the place . There are open 24 hours.

A lot of convenience store has a terminal system to buy tickets.

So I will make the PDF file which helps you buying tickets. Please check it and print out.

When you go to convenience store, please show the PDF print document to store staff, with pointing and talking by your finger.


↑ Please click and download.


General Information of 2012 FIFA Club World Cup
<Qualified Clubs>
Chelsea (England)  representing UEFA
Monterrey (Mexico) representing the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football
Auckland City (New Zealand) representing Oceania Football Confederation
Corinthians (Brazil)    representing CONMEBOL
Al-Ahly (Egypt)    representing CAF
Ulsan Hyundai FC (South Korea)  representing AFC
Sanfrecce Hiroshima (Japan)     representing AFC (Host Country)  * Winner of the 2012 J-League Division 1


Nagoya: TOYOTA Stadium. The stadium is a home stadium of Nagoya Grampus in J-League division 1.


▲ Ex-Serbian international Dragan Stojković played Grampus for seven years, and now he is the manager of the club.

Yokohama: International Stadium YOKOHAMA (NISSAN stadium). The stadium was also held for FIFA World Cup 2002 Final. The stadium is a home stadium of Yokohama F. Marinos in J-League division 1.


▲ Freekick wizard, Shunsuke Nakamura (2005-09 Celtic) plays his old club Marinos.

Chelsea FC will hold 2 match in Yokohama.
Yokohama city is located 25km southwest from Tokyo.

All times Japan Standard Time (UTC+09:00).

Play-off for quarter-finals

Match 1  6 December 2012  (Yokohama)
Kick Off 19:45   Sanfrecce Hiroshima vs Auckland City


Match 2  9 December 2012  (Toyota)
Kick Off 16:00 Ulsan Hyundai FC vs Monterrey

Match 3  9 December 2012 (Toyota)
Kick Off 19:30 Sanfrecce Hiroshima vs Al-Ahly

Match for fifth place

Match 4 12 December 2012 (Toyota)
Kick Off 16:30 Ulsan Hyundai FC vs Sanfrecce Hiroshima


Match 5 12 December 2012 (Toyota)
Kick Off 19:30 Al-Ahly vs Corinthians

Match 6 13 December 2012 (Yokohama)
Kick Off 19:30 Monterrey vs Chelsea FC

Match for third place

Match 7 16 December 2012 (Yokohama)
Kick Off 16:30 Al-Ahly vs Loser Match 6

Match 8 16 December 2012 (Yokohama)
Kick Off 19:30 Corinthians vs Winner Match 6


The detail is below:


In all Matches, Chelsea's bench will be set from right, as seen from the Main Stand side (South side of Category 3 or 4 stand, Chelsea supporters will be gather).



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Stadium Access Plan (Update 1/Sep/2012)

About International Stadium Yokohama

The nearest accessible station is "Shin-Yokohama".

Please read the following.

Please notice that "Shin-Yokohama station" and "Yokohama station" are different.


▲Shin-Yokohama Station (The left side is the north).

Go to the north from Shin-Yokohama station, you will across the river.


▲(Please click to enlarge an image) You will see such a information sign around the stadium.

Walking past a hospital and Rehabilitation Center, you will see the big stadium.






▲ International Stadium Yokohama (NISSAN Stadium)


▲ Outside of the stadium, you will see this shop of Yokohama F.Marinos FC.

Here is official English guide for International Stadium Yokohama (NISSAN Stadium).

General information of Public Transportation

<★About Japanese Bus>
<Basic information>

This site serve as a useful reference about using Japanese Bus.
Especially, this link tells corresponding words (Japanese & English), It may be helpful to search about buses.

How to find bus routes/schedules online - part 1

How to find bus times/schedule online - part 2
(notice: This example is based on Shizuoka local area only).

<Highway buses, Long-distance buses>

Explanation about Highway buses :

Private Bus company "Willer Travel" has English pages.

JR (Japan Railways) has also the bus company.
It is about JR-EAST (Japanese says "JR-KANTO") highway buses.
(However, curiously, This English page doesn't display the information about some services from Tokyo area to Sendai... In Japanese edition, we can find these services, uneventfully. It is enigma. )

<★About Japanese Railways>

JR is Japanese national railway.

JR-EAST (East Japan Railway Company) * Mainly around Tokyo (Kanto) & Tohoku area
English page:

other JR group here:
JR-TOKAI(Central) * Mainly Nagoya, Shizuoka area.

*notice: Tokyo has 2 major underground companies (Toei Subway and Tokyo Metro). If you buy a one-day pass, please notice it. I recommend a "Toei Subway and Tokyo Metro Lines Common One-Day Economy Pass
(Ichinichi Josha Ken) ", you can use all subway line in Tokyo.

Toei (Bureau of Transportation. Tokyo Metropolitan Government)
English page:

Toei Subway     English page:

TOKYO METRO    English page:

TOKYO METRO  Route Map (You can also download Multi-language Version.)

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Drink, Eat & Accommodations (Updated 19/Sep/2012)

Drinking & Eating around International Stadium Yokohama

Generally speaking, around Shin-Yokohama Station area has not so much restaurant district than around Yokohama Station area.

Nevertheless, If you will enjoy drinking or eating before kick-off and after the match around the Stadium, please check the following pictures. (Please click to enlarge an image)


Left side is north. The stadium is left.


See the centered street, named "Rengadori St.". This word means "Brick st.".

I think this street is major area for drinking and eating.


▲This is "Rengadori St.". You can some "IZAKAYA" Bars, Karaoke-rooms, restaurants, convenience-stores, and so on.



▲ In "Stadium dori (St.)", you can find big drug store. You can also buy liquor.

Drinking...Tokyo area

English Bar "Heaven's Door" (Shimokitazawa, TOKYO)

The English publican is Chelsea supporter !

Please check this URLs:


Map is (Here) *Japanese

(Thanks for information by S.Yamamoto)

Football Bar "THE FooTNiK" (Ebisu, Osaki, and Nakano, TOKYO)

Well known for footie bar in Tokyo. British pub style, they has 3 branches pubs.

English website is: http://www.footnik.net/index.php/english/

Ebisu area is near Shibuya.

Nakano branch will be opened in October. If you come to Nakano area, and if you like Japanese pop-culture, please don't forget to go to "Nakano Broadway". The shop's website link is (Here) (Japanese only).

(Thanks for information by H.Yamamoto)

Hard Rock Cafe (TOKYO, YOKOHAMA)

At Hard Rock Cafe, you might be relax when you feel tired contacting with a different culture.

Roppongi, TOKYO (Link is here).

Uyeno Station, TOKYO (Link is here).

YOKOHAMA (Link is here).

(Thanks for information by H.Yamamoto)

ROONEY2008 (Shibuya, TOKYO)

Rooney? yes, Rooney. But it is not for Red Devils fans only (maybe).

Access map & business hour is (Here).  You don't like this pub's name, but it is in a good location for enjoy sports cafe & bar in Shibuya.

(Thanks for information by H.Yamamoto)


<Business Hotel >
So-called "Bijinesu Hoteru (Business Hotel )" in Japanese means budget hotels .


Yokohama area

<Youth Hostel>
If you are a member of Youth Hostel, it is a good choice to stay there for saving money.
It usually costs around from 3500 to 4500 yen per night.


In Tokyo area

In Yokohama area

<Last Option>
If you don't find an appropriate hotel, you will have these options below.
(But urban central area only)

★ "Kapuseru Hoteru (Capsule Hotel)"
A capsule hotel is a hotel that provides guests with a small, capsule-like space to sleep.
Capsule hotels are convenient not only for businessmen, but also for those who go barhopping late at night and miss the last train, because the cost to stay in a capsule hotel is in most cases cheaper than a taxi fare home.
If you tory to use capsul hotel, please make all kinds of efforts to reduce noise caused by other guests.

Unfortunately, many of capsule hotels are limited to men.

Just for your information, please see this image search (here).

★“MANGA-Kissa”(Comic book & Internet cafe)

This is characteristic Japanese culture.

These open 24 hours. If you use Net Cafe in all night long, the fee is approximately 2,000 yen (usually they set a price as "pack fee", for example, "6 hour pack fee ", or " all night pack fee").
These have a lot of small cells. You are able to read various comic book, to watch DVDs, and to access Internet.
You must be careful about stolen your goods.
Of course you can sleep there, but it may not be comfortable.
Some of cafe has shower room.
★"Family Restaurant"
If you have less money, so you can't go to bar or pub, and you will face staying on cold night, last refuge is all-night "Family Restaurant"(this word is Japanese-English). When you use it, please check opening hours for just in case. I wouldn't recommend a fast-food restaurant because we can not stay there long time calmly.  At least Family Restaurant has a good sofa and table.
Then, you had better to order a "Drink-Bar". It is including free-flowing soft drinks, tea and coffee. The fee is about 300 - 400 yen.
During daylight, Family Restaurant is also good choice to eat a easygoing meals.


I recommend this candy bonbon for Chelsea FC fans.
Put bluntly, The candy's name is "CHELSEA" which made by Japanese major sweets company, MEIJI.


In Japan, You can find a "CHELSEA" candy in almost every food section in supermarkets or convenience stores.
It is good for cheap and facile souveniers. 
According to MEIJI company's website, this candy's naming derived from directly Chelsea district in London.
"CHELSEA" candy bonbon is a long-selling product since 1971.
Of course, I have also liked this candy from my early childhood.
So sometimes I think that, for my life, "CHELSEA" might be the first words to know unconsciously as foreign city's names of places and football club name.
(For this reason, when many of Japanese hear the word "Chelsea", they tend to imagine that candy bonbon.)

This is long-forgotten TV-CM of CHELSEA candy.


About "Towel muffler (scarf)"  as football fashion goods in Japan.


First of all, I think " Towel muffler" is a representation as Japanese (or Asian?) football culture.
I have not seen same products in Europe right now. 
Usually a football muffler(scarf) is made of wool yarn, but as its name suggests, "Towel muffler" is made of towel cloth.
Of course, both of these two are used in the same way.

In summer of Japan, climate conditions make us feel very sweaty. Moreover, Japanese football season start in March and end in December(It has been a subject of considerable discussion).
So it is rational idea for Japanese football fans. We always need a towel and a muffler at the same time when we are in football stadium.

Thus, I earnestly recommend "Towel muffler" may be good football souvenirs for Europeans.
You can use "Towel muffler" in daily life as towel (naturally), and feel "the football life" by using such towel.

I like such a lifestyle.

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Great way to pass the time in Japan (Updated 9/Dec/2012)

I would like to offer you some information for optional activities with Japanese football culture.

UCL torophy is exhibited in Shibuya, Tokyo
11th (Tue), 12(Wed), 14(Fri), 15(Sat), 10:00-21:00
URL: http://www.sskamo.co.jp/company/store/shibuya.html

Official CFC shop"THE BLUES" is open for an only limited time

Till 17th (Mon) Dec. 11:00-19:00 (13th and 16th 10:00-19:00)
venue: Marinos town ( Yokohama F-Marinos FC shop and training ground)
7 minutes walk from Shin-Takashima station (Minato-Mirai line).

You can get a limited shopping bag.


Saturday 8th, Dec match of Sunderland vs CFC on TV

The famous English style sports pub is HUB group.
According to HUB home page, some branches have a plan to show the match of Sunderland vs CFC.
(Notice: some of other HUB branches will show the match of Arsenal vs WBA)

Please notice that Kick off is 0:00 midnight (Japanese local time), 8th Saturday night.
So please take care on your way back to hotel.

Please check following HUB branches site.
(Only having a plan to show CFC game)


UENO branch,

TOKYO DOME city"LaQua" branch,
(TOKYO DOME is Baseball stadium)

(This page is Japanese only, sorry)

YAESU branch (near TOKYO station )
(This page is Japanese only, sorry)

<TOKYO-West area>
KAMATA branch
(This page is Japanese only, sorry)

<SAITAMA area>
OMIYA branch (Home town of OMIYA ARDIJA FC, J-league Div 1)

KAWASAKI branch (Home town of KAWASAKI FRONTALE FC, J-league Div 1)
(This page is Japanese only, sorry)

YOKOHAMA Station branch * 2 pubs  (Home town of YOKOHAMA FC, J-league Div 2, and YOKOHAMA F-MARINOS, J-league Div 1)
(This page is Japanese only, sorry)

Naturally, there are many other sports bars in Tokyo area, but I am not well versed about Pub information in Tokyo area, sorry.

The 92nd "Tennou-hai" (the Emperor's Cup) *Japanese version of the FA Cup.

The 4th round (place in the top 16) will be held in 15 Dec 2012 (Sat).

It will be a good opportunity to enjoy Japanese football.



JEF United Chiba (J2:Div 2) vs Fukushima United FC (Tohoku Member-of-Society Soccer League:Div 4)
venue:フクダ電子アリーナ Fukuda Denshi Arena (Chiba)
Kick Off: 13:00


Kashima Antlers vs Jubilo Iwata
venue:県立カシマサッカースタジアム Kashima Soccer Stadium (Ibaragi)
Kick Off: 13:00


Urawa Reds vs Yokohama F-Marinos
venue:熊谷スポーツ文化公園陸上競技場 Kumagaya Sports Culture Park (Saitama)
Kick Off: 16:00


Omiya Ardija vs Kawasaki Frontale
venue:NACK5スタジアム大宮 NACK5 Stadium Omiya (Saitama)
Kick Off: 13:00


Kashiwa Reysol vs Yokogawa Musashino FC (JFL:Div 3)
venue:日立柏サッカー場 Kashiwa Hitachi Stadium (Chiba)
Kick Off: 13:00


Nagoya Grampus vs Roasso Kumamoto (J2:Div 2)
venue:名古屋市瑞穂公園陸上競技場 Nagoya Mizuho Athletics Stadium
Kick Off: 15:00


Gamba Osaka vs FC Machida Zelvia (J2:Div 2)
venue:万博記念競技場   Expo'70 Commemorative Stadium (Osaka)
Kick Off: 13:00


Cerezo Osaka vs Shimizu S-Pulse
venue:大阪長居スタジアム Osaka Nagai Stadium
Kick Off: 17:00


Japan Football Museum
 (Memorial for 2002 FIFA World Cup)

日本サッカーミュージアム (トリップアドバイザー提供)

Opening Hours:
Tuesday through Friday  13:00-18:00 (Admittance until 17:30)
Weekends and Holidays  10:00-19:00 (Admittance until 18:30)
Closed: Mondays
Fees: Adults 500 yen
    6-minute walk from Ochanomizu Station on Subway Marunouchi Line or JR Line, Shin-Ochanomizu Station on Subway Ciyoda Line.
English page:  http://www.11plus.jp/e/index.html

★If you show a football match ticket stubs, you can buy a discount ticket for entrance. (Thanks for information by Y. Yoshitake)

Shinto Shrines with footy (Please pray for CFC!!) * Shin-Yokohama Area

I know some of Japanese Shrines which are associated with football.
Yokohama area has one of them. NISSAN Stadium is near.
師岡熊野神社 Morooka Kumano Jinja(Shrine)
Address: 1137 Morooka-cho Kohoku-ku Yokohama-shi Kanagawa-ken
HP(Japanese only) http://www.kumanojinja.or.jp/
In the emblem of Japan national football team, we can see a black crow mark which has three legs. This name is YATAGARASU.  This quaint crow derive from Japanese myths.
Kumano Shrine has also a YATAGARASU crow emblem. You can buy a amulet which coverd Japan national football team emblem.




▲The most nearest station is OHKURAYAMA(大倉山) station. This is Tokyu Toyoko Line.

Shin-Yokohama station and Yokohama station, from both stations buses are running to shrine, but the number of buses are bit.

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Original Communication Tools in Japanese for CFC fans (Updated 2/Dec/2012)

<Useful printed materials>


I want to offer some useful printed materials in Japanese letters for signifying your passion as BLUES, in the stadium, town, and so on.

All jpeg images, please click to enlarge an image.

★"I am a Chelsea supporter. (Use for guys)"

★"I am a Chelsea supporter. (Use for Ladies and gentlemen)"

★"We are Chelsea FC (Use for guys)"

★"Domination of the world"

★"I'm sorry we are not the Shinji Kagawa's Manchester's side ."


★"I'm sorry we are not FC BARCELONA !"

The correspondence table for squad names in Japanese letters (KATAKANA)


Pointing and talking by your finger


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«Great way to pass the time in Japan (Updated 9/Dec/2012)